girls in dorm room

Object Lessons
How dormitory staples have changed in 30 years.

1986: Inspirational athletic poster
2016: Overwatch video-game poster
1986: Stuffed animals
2016: Instagram photos of animals
1986: Plush ankle-high socks
2016: Socks are overrate
1986: Analog clock radio
2016: Alarm clock app
1986: Compact portable stereo system
2016: iPhone and earbuds
1986: Fridge stocked with Gatorade
2016: Fridge stocked with kombucha tea
1986: Textbooks on shelves
2016: Textbooks online
1986: Electric typewriter
2016: MacBook Pro laptop
1986: Push-button corded desk phone
2016: Samsung Galaxy S7
1986: Ramen noodles
2016: Ramen noodles
1986: Wooden chairs
2016: Faux fur folding saucer chair
Police excuses


Dance the Night Away
Talk about a full dance card! Walter Jones AG’25 was a busy man in the fall of 1921. At the freshman reception, he attended his first collegiate dance, sharing 10 dances with eight first-year women to the strains of Johnson’s Orchestra. He twice danced the fox-trot with Alice Croot NJC’25, who ended up being his first date at Rutgers when he invited her to the Autumn Dance at the Ford Hall Club.


student selfie

That Scarlet Forever Spirit
Krishna Varre, left, and Julia Schoeri, undergraduates at the School of Arts and Sciences, grab a selfie in front of Winants Hall, which was the first dormitory at Rutgers, opening in 1890.