Grease Is the Word
The original Grease Trucks appeared in the 1960s and thrived from the 1970s to the 2010s at Rutgers–New Brunswick, settling in 1992 in Parking Lot 8—today the setting for The Yard on College Avenue, a new residence hall and retail-store complex. Who can forget the Fat Cat—the Original served at RU Hungry? Or the Fat Darrell, named after student Darrell Butler RC’98 and his special request for chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, marinara sauce, and french fries on a sub roll? “I’m sure Michelle would approve,” President Barack Obama joked during his University Commencement Address at Rutgers on May 15, 2016. “But somehow, you have survived such death-defying acts.” The spirit of the trucks lives on. RU Hungry? now occupies a storefront at The Yard, and the Knight Wagon roams Rutgers–New Brunswick to offer healthier fare.


fraternity brothersA True Sense of Fraternity
Rutgers students founded Delta Phi and Zeta Psi, the first two fraternities, or “secret societies,” which alumni, partial to the literary societies, sought to have barred.
1940s: Bernard Eskin RC’47, GSNB’49 and George Harbaugh RC’48 started a unique fraternity: anyone, regardless of color or creed, could join. First known as the Geronimo Society, and now Gamma Sigma, it still attracts progressive coed students.


Constant Companions
In their Rutgers travels, students often walk by statues of these luminaries.

statue headsWillie the Silent
Rutgers–New Brunswick


Paul Robeson


Walt Whitman


Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences


Henry RutgersRutgers Rules
(In Loco Parentis)
The Laws of  Queen’s College (1810): a prescription for student conduct.

Pronounce two orations on the stage each evening.
Procure a black gown with a class badge.
Remove your hat in the presence of campus elders.
Attend prayers each morning and evening, and church on Sunday.
Pay for college firewood.
Participate in two vacations each year.
Present $5 to the president upon receipt of your bachelor of arts degree.

Be extravagant in your dress  or disguise yourself.
Go fishing or sailing more than two miles away without permission.
Play at billiards, cards, or any other game for wager.
Keep a dog or a “riding beast.”
Employ a barber on Sunday.
Make any “indecent noise” in your room.
Associate with persons of low or bad character.